Will someone buy this back from me? Cant figure it out

I am on my 3rd season. Realized today that i just manually water when my wife asks me to. Never seems to water enough. I spent serious time first year and last year trying to get it to where it would keep the lawn green. My old analog unit worked fine but wasted water.
This thing is way too complicated. I enjoy having the nicest lawn in the hood but not with this hassle.
Anyone looking to buy a used one?

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Why not just run a fixed schedule?


Lets change your first post into a “can someone help me” thread! :smiley:

There are a ton of people on here able and willing to help, we just need some information about your yard, and your Rachio settings.

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Ok how do I change the title and what information do I need to post?

I’m sure that the group of people on here can have your syste running as you hoped it would. It was thanks to their help that they have my system spot on.

There are three important starting points

  1. Have you either your own or a reasonably local PWS that you have linked your Rachio to ?

  2. Have you measured the area of your zone(s) ? It really helps to know the ft2 or m2 of each zone

  3. Have you measured the amount of water that each zone uses for 5 mins usage ? This will allow you to calculate your nozzle inches per hour. If you check your water meter, get the reading, run for 5 mins, then get the reading again.

If you feed in rubbish data, you’ll get rubbish results.

I have every confidence that you’ll get your system running optimally - reacting to local your local weather, and watering accordingly.


This. If it there’s no time to learn and tweak for Flex schedules, program Rachio with the old controller schedule and enable smart features like rain and wind skip. Saturation skip could be skipped if you’re not sure about your advanced zone settings. There’s no shame using fixed schedules on a smart controller. You can still majorly benefit from water saving features, easy schedule programming, and remote operation of sprinklers with your phone or watch.


Any update @Goliaths2020 ?