Will Rachio Gen3 reconnect to wifi?

I just installed a Gen3 controller today. Overall the installation went well. I will have usability questions but one issue came up today. I figured out the controller lost connectivity to the internet. The light bar was white. I ended up powering the controller off and on. When it finished rebooting, it connected and all was fine. My question is will the controller try to reconnect itself to the internet if it loses the signal? How long does that take. I don’t know if there was a momentary blip (definitely possible) but I’d hope the controller reconnects like my phone would. Thanks.

Yes, if internet is lost (router reboot, etc.) it should reconnect within a minute or so.If the internet does not come back up (outage) the controller will run the last programmed schedule until internet connectivity is re-established.

Here is a little more information on the topic.

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