Will not connect to the internet with android

I had an issue with my first Rachio 3 black edition, it would not connect to the internet with my Android phone, it’s a Samsung S22 ultra. Talked to tech support and they added it to my location but could not get it to connect to the internet. They kept asking me if I could get an Apple product, but I dont have access to one. Rachio took the controller back and sent me a new one.
This one does the same thing as the older controller, hangs at the connect to the internet, and then errors out with a message to try again.
Is there a problem with Rachio and Android, my previous two controllers had no problem. It looks like I will need to find an Apple phone and try it. This is an unacceptable issue if owning a Rachio product requires you to buy an Apple phone!
After looking through this forum it looks like this is a long term Rachio problem, it should have been fixed by now!

Most Rachio customers use their home wifi, not a phone. So an Apple phone is not required to use a Rachio.

I do use the home WIFi, you need a phone to connect it to the WI-fi, and it must me an Apple.

I don’t own an Apple phone. I’ve had no problems using my Android phones (Pixel 3 and 6A) with my Rachio.

Make sure your phone.is not running a VPN (or internal network filter such as Netguard) and you are connected to the same WiFi network that you are connecting the Rachio to.

I do have a VPN on my android, but I tried with my wifes android which doesn’t have a VPN, it wouldn’t work, and yes we were on the same wifi. I had to borrow my in-law’s Ipad and it connected right up. All is good now as long as it doesn’t log off the network.

I couldn’t even tell you how many Rachio controllers I set up with Android devices over the years, as recent as 2 weeks ago with an S24 Ultra. Do you have the most current version of Rachio on your phone? There was a recent update to my wifes S23 Ultra that really messed with some of her apps, until a new update came available in the Play store.