Will my Rachio Gen 2 system water in winter at -10C or 14F?

I have logged in my system dashboard and can see the suggestion to water at -10C or 14F.
I configured correctly my longitude/lattitude coordinate.
Fortunately I have unplugged from november !!.
Can you help me and clarify that situation ?
Thanks in advance,

@voducngh - if the weather station that is selected has accurate temperature for your location it should do a freeze skip an hour before the scheduled watering. Be sure that freeze skip is turned on for Fixed schedules and I think it is automatically set for 0C or 32F for Flex schedules.

If one prefers a belts and suspenders approach, one can connect a temperature sensor to one of the Rachio sensor ports (configured as a rain sensor, as there is no freeze sensor) as documented here -> 'Freeze Protection' at 50 Degrees (F) Implemented

Freeze alarm is fixed at 32 degrees, no more, no less, for flex daily schedules. This is not an adjustable threshold.

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@a0128958 - the fixed 32 degree F setpoint for flex is in the current V2 version of the software. Things may change in V3.

IFTTT is another skip option with a variable temp.