Will my existing setup work with Rachio? (Pics)

Hi everyone. Would it be possible to let me know if my current 16 zones with the Orbit would work on Rachio 3? The sensor ones are for a wireless rain sensor. Thanks!

It will work with the Rachio 3 16 zone.

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It should. Plug wire for wire in the zone locations. Your commons go to commons, and you should be good. What type of sensor are you using? Just make sure you have it set up in Rachio…

Also, 24VAC won’t be needed with Rachio FYI.

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Thanks, going by memory I think the brand is Irritol it’s some wireless rain sensor but I’m not even sure if it works or not as the Orbit doesn’t really show anything about it, it just apparently turns off the program if it rains. Where I was confused setting it up though is that you can see in the picture it has a white and brown line connected to 2 sensor ports, but the Rachio has S1 and S2. If I put the brown in S1 and white in S2 for example, then go to accessories, it asks me to set up an accessory on S1 and another on S2 almost like I have too many wires. When I put the brown in S1 and white in S2, the Rachio immediately said something about rain sensor activated and programs won’t run. Is there a proper way to connect it?

Also you’re saying to just leave the 24 vac unplugged from both those connectors?

I believe he is say the 24VAC wires from the old unit won’t be needed w/ Rachio controller.

@Psychobunny83, I’m assuming you bought a Rachio and you are trying to wire it up? If so, post a pic of the wiring like you did for the old controller. Here’s a link to wiring up a rain sensor.


I do have it wired up already and it works fine, but was just asking about the rain sensor since as you can see in my first post there’s 2 wires under “Sensor” on the Orbit, and then 2 that go to 24VAC. On the Rachio it says to only use one of the sensor connectors, S1 or S2 but I have 2 wires so wasn’t sure if I put them both in the same S1 connector or just one? Then was confused why the 24VAC wires aren’t needed from the sensor on the Rachio if they were needed on the Orbit. How does it get power without that?

Those first 4 wires in the first pic (the 2 under 24VAC and 2 under sensor) all are for my one single rain sensor, so it has 4 wires in total.


Found this in another thread, it might be useful to you and maybe @DLane or @Gene could jump in on this topic and make sure I’m on the correct path.

So your brown wire would = yellow in this pic.

This might help as well.

Great thanks, just to clarify it’s not an Orbit sensor, it’s my old Orbit controller, but this is the sensor: https://www.irritrol.com/en/sensors/rainsensor-series

I found this which I think is explaining it correctly so I’ll give this a try: https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010379147-Rachio-compatibility-with-Irritrol-Wireless-Rain-Sensor#wiring-diagram

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Second link should work.

Sorry @Psychobunny83, I was looking at this on my phone yesterday and thought that was the 24vac for power TO your old unit. So, yes, if the sensor is still working, and you wish to use it, you will need to use the 24VAC on the Rachio!

Let us know how it goes!