Wildfire smoke

I’m not near any of the wildfires occurring in Northern California, but the smoke has an outsized impact on evapotranspiration. Weather stations have been measuring almost half if not more the usual solar radiation past few days and 5-7 degrees lower temperatures than expected highs. So plants aren’t quite as stressed as they would have been. Quite unusual to be at 0.2” ET when the norm at this time is around 0.3”. Makes a bit of a difference. Expecting to have around 0.2 ET today rather than the forecasted 0.3”. The power of Flex is it can adjust based on actual measured weather rather than (as other systems do) rely on static ET values.

Here’s the tabular moisture data for my rear lawn:


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Conditions this morning:


New photo by Ryan Mikulovsky

Looks like a still from The Walking Dead show.


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I call that a “Fire Sun”. That lighting is great for photos.

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