WiFi SSID Broadcast

I emailed support earlier and got a very quick response but wanted to add it here as well to see if others would add traction and visibility.

When adding the Rachio to a WiFi network, the Android app requires the SSID to be broadcast. You cannot add the Rachio to a WiFi network with a hidden SSID. As a suggestion, the Android app should support hidden WiFi networks or WiFi networks that do not broadcast their SSID. There should be an option to manually type the SSID. The end user should not be forced to change their network configuration to add the Rachio to their WiFi.

I’ll work with our Android team and see why this is. It might be something we can work around…


The minute anything on your network transmits, you’re exposed, why will you not broadcast on intervals?

I don’t think I understand what you’re saying. If the connection is encrypted using a passphrase, I don’t see how anything is exposed. Can you explain more?

Secondly, if the SSID (wireless network name) is not known to begin with (by not broadcasting it), it makes things a little harder (but definitely not impossible) to break into.

Anyhow if you’re happy broadcasting your SSID, that’s cool and cheers to you. I’m not and shouldn’t be forced to. It’s a pretty basic feature of WiFi and should be supported by all wireless devices.

OK now I think I understand what you’re saying. I am not under the impression that my network is invisible. I do know the existence of the network is easily detected. I just take the step of hiding it, and I also understand that a very experienced hacker could get into it regardless of the steps I take. Thanks for the suggestion though. I’ll still default to my main point, that’s is a basic feature that should be supported.

For edification, the SSID actually does get broadcast because it’s part of the 802.11 spec, it’s just that devices can and do agree not to see “hidden” ones…I’d encourage people not to worry about hiding your SSID as it’d kind of a waste of time. I guess what I’m saying is that anyone who cares to know your SSID will just use the freely available tools to get it. Only the people who don’t care will be warded off. Here’s one article.


This is what I was getting at. Thanx Holmes

I still think there are advantages to not broadcasting SSID but it seems having an open-minded discussion along those lines is not possible. I’m still standing firm and will wait to see what Rachio responds with, unless one or both of you work for Rachio then I guess I have my answer.

I talked with our Android developer and he believes it is possible through the app, but we need to verify on the firmware first.

Will let you know what we find.


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Thanks a lot!