Wifi Signal Strength of Controller in Rachio App

I don’t see this anywhere and I am sure someone has suggested it already? It was nice seeing the Wifi signal strength of the Rain Bird controllers in my Rain Bird app. Is this coming to the Rachio app?

The Flow Meter has a signal strength meter. Let’s expand that to the actual controller itself!

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That would be a cool feature. I always measure the strength in the spot where I am going to install the Rachio and prior to the actual installation. In some cases, a wifi extender has been necessary to get the proper amount of signal.


I found out that the signal strength meter I have is not all it is cracked up to be. Adding one to the controller itself could fall under the same category.

I measured excellent signal at the 2 controllers I installed today at one of my customers houses. When it was time to blink them (as they called it in the Gen 1), the Gen 3 could barely get signal to the wifi that I was syncing it to.

It turns out that the excellent signal I was reading, was from the neighbors house. My customer needed to activate the wifi extender for their wifi. Everything was good after that.

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The neighbor had the same SSID as you? This seems irrelevant to the discussion.

This is relevant to the wifi signal strength meter that you are suggesting for the controller.

You will not always read your signal but are subject to anyone else’s signal bleeding through.

The neighbor does not have the same SSID, they just had the stronger signal.

It is possible that I misunderstood your comment with the means that you would like to see “Your Own” wifi signal. That in itself would be a neat feature even though it is subject to interference from other devices.

Your controller is only connected to 1 SSID at any given time. This would be the signal strength (yours) that the app would output.

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I just use my smart phone’s signal strength monitor to check on the WiFi signal. I have the customer bring their phone to the proposed Rachio controller location and we check signal strength on their phone, if they don’t want me to have their code. I also have them open a big app like Netflix to make sure of the signal strength.

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Hey @Grif!

Great point on opening up a large app like Netflix to really check the signal strength! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

:cheers: Lo

Yes you can do that for the initial install, however variables change over time, such as moving the Access point from it’s original location, interference, different provider/equipment, etc. A signal strength indicator in the app would be very nice (and easy to do). Rain Bird does it, just sayin’…


Oh! That’s a very good point. I didn’t think about the WiFi source moving or being updated. If the meter was in the app we could check it regularly without even having to be on-site. Great idea!

Any chance of this coming soon? Thanks fellas!

@though Not on the roadmap for this year, I still agree its a useful feature.




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