Wifi Hub no longer in device list?

My Smart Hose Timer devices are all showing up as Disconnected in the app and I just noticed that the Wifi Hub doesn’t appear in the device list. Was this a recent change? If it’s still showing up for others it might be a clue into why my timers aren’t connected. I’m using version 4.14.0 of the app. Thanks!

@darrinmc I am having the engineering team look into this for you.



According to the engineering team

If the hub does not have any valves paired to it, it will continue to be displayed in the app. As soon as you pair even 1 valve to a hub, the hub will be hidden, and can then be accessed by clicking on one of its valves, and then clicking the settings wheel on the valve page

In your case with the disconnected valve(s), can you try power cycling the battery(ies) and see if that reconnects one or more of them?



Removing and reinserting the batteries did not connect any of the valves (I have 3). I then removed/re-added 2 of the valves and they both updated their firmware and are now connected. I’ve had to do this process 3 or 4 times now since I got the valves (which was over the past 2-3 months). I’m going to return the one that is still in the 30-day window. Is there a known issue that causes this to happen?

It could just be a coincidence but I had 1 valve for 6 weeks to start with and that worked without issues. It was only after I added the other 2 that the problems seemed to start.