Wifi fails when a zone fails

I just got my Iro. We had one zone that didn’t work with our rainbird controller, however it just skipped that zone and continued on. With the iro the entire controller gets kicked off wifi when trying to water the zone. I am getting the zone looked at tomorrow, however I’m concerned that a single zone that goes bad requires me to physical disconnect the iro from the backing plate to get wifi back and then put it back in. How come it can’t just ignore the zone and flag it as an error and move on?


Thanks for reaching out. You and I have been communicating back and forth via email.

Definitely keep me posted with any updates tomorrow when your irrigation guy comes out.

Thanks again,

im curious, for my own edumication have you disabled the zone in the configuration?

i mean, the device should handle that gracefully, im just trying to figure out if i KNOW i have zone offline, should i manually disable it

I have the bad zone disabled until the irrigation company comes out to fix it. My concern over gracefully handling is if a future zone goes bad our lawn won’t get watered at all and the device will be offline.

agreed, that is of concern to me as well. good find though, my yard would have half burned up before i put 2 and 2 together.

@rohithashok & @plainsane, good evening.

This is usually the sign of a bad solenoid. I’m curious if we could issue a notification for this to warn you of the issue…I’ll do some in-house testing. No promises on a fix, but I have a few ideas :smile:

Best, Emil

Sounds good :slight_smile: I agree its likely a broken solenoid, I’d be happy if the iro doesn’t crash, getting a notification is an even better feature! I’m happy to test out a beta version, at least until I get that zone fixed.

Thanks @rohithashok, I’ll keep you posted on any progress. Lots of work to do before the 2.0 release but I have it on my to-do list.

Replacing a solenoid is easier than 1 - 2 - 3 …literally, it’s 2 steps :wink:

Do you know what type of valve you have? We can usually find replacement solenoids for $10 or less.

Best, Emil

errmagerd, that would fantastic. that is a huge value add in the irrigation controller world.

dang dood, go enjoy your evening we will all be here in the morning

@emil Wow, that is easy. The system was just put in so I’m making the company come out and fix it, however if I ever have trouble again, it’s really good to know how easy it is. I think we have hunter valves, but I’m honestly not sure, I’ll check tomorrow morning.

@rohithashok, keep as posted! Happy to chat to your landscaping company if they have any questions or concerns.

Best, Emil