Wifi connection

To start, I have not yet rebooted my router. That’s most likely the cause but not sure.

I had my Rachio 3 online without connection issues all winter, but I opened my water line and activated my flex schedule a couple weeks ago and its been dropping its wifi connection every couple days since. I have to go through the steps (2nd light blinking) to reconnect to wifi. It only takes a few seconds to do but its getting annoying. This is the only device having connection issues. Is anybody else having issues?

Once I remember to reboot my router during some downtime hours I’ll update status here, but wanted to get this posted before I forgot to do this too, lol. Wondering if my R3’s wifi radio is going bad.

Good luck . My Rachio 3 was working great until the software update . Bricked my sprinkler controller. I didnt notice it until my lawn started turning brown . Rachio customer service started its common. They offered to replace the unit at discounted price . Why would I.go.down that rabbit hole again ?

Purchase Wyze . Plugged the AC adapter it started to smell and got too hot to touch . Took it back foe a refund .

Went the Orbit B hyve less than the price of th Rachio 3 discounted.

Rebooting my router didn’t change anything this past week.

And a new issue. My R3 went offline last night and my sprinkler system ran this morning (it was scheduled for tomorrow). I reconnected the R3 when I got home a couple hours ago and it has no record of watering today. It also still has it scheduled to run again tomorrow, all zones. And to top it off, it doesn’t have anymore runs lined up on the calendar for May, June, July, etc.

Why wouldn’t it have record of running all zones today? Any help or suggestion on getting the R3 to work properly again?

Edit: I cancelled tomorrow’s run, then undid the cancellation, and it reset everything on the calendar. It is no longer scheduled to run again tomorrow. Still no record of today’s run though.

Edit #2: I should also mention if I pull the power when it goes offline, it doesn’t reconnect to wifi when the power is plugged back in.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but stabbing in the dark a bit. Depending on your schedule type, Rachio can run for a couple weeks (Flex Daily) or indefinitely (fixed) with no internet connection once operational. During that disconnect, the unit itself will run, but I don’t think it stores the history of the runs to send back to the cloud once internet is reestablished.

As for your Edit #2. I’ve had numerous Rachio units, Gen1, 2, and 3 over the years and they have all ALWAYS reconnected to wifi after a power outage. Usually, this behavior is something on your network side, possibly with the way some mesh systems handle SSID’s.

Thanks! I should’ve mentioned I use flex daily. Interesting to know the history doesn’t report but the schedule updates itself when it reconnects and refreshes. Or maybe the history will eventually update too.

Regarding edit #2, it was only pertaining to the wifi disconnecting issue. When I’ve had power outages while the R3 is online it reconnects no problem. I saw a post on another thread someone saying their R3 would loose wifi connection, they’d unplug/replug power and it would reconnect.

Edit (lol): On home page of the app, going into Usage and scrolling to the bottom where daily usage appears, the past run shows there. Does not show up anywhere else, run times, etc.

Not 100% sure on that. I only had one prolonged outage with one of my controllers. Apparently the plug used is tied to the same GFCI as my smoker, and when it rained one night, I had my smoker uncovered and it popped the GFCI. I honestly don’t recall looking, or even thinking to look at the history to see what it did or didn’t do…

R3 is still going offline every few days since May began. I also noticed something else this past week, my network data usage went crazy this month. I have no way to isolate different devices on my network to check their data use unless I disconnect everything else, which is not going to happen. Is there a way for the Rachio team to see how much data my R3 is using? Like if its messed up pulling weather data too much and ddos’ itself, loses wifi connection until I reconnect it.

Edit: I’ll check my network logs this evening too. Seems odd to have used almost 800 Gb more data on my network for May than I usually do combined with my R3 consistently losing connection (the only device losing connection).

Edit 2: Nothing out of the ordinary in network logs.