WI+ is not delaying R3

I have had multiple rain storms in my area, and no WI+ skips. I checked weather underground for stations and there is one listed less than a quarter mile from my house. But it is not listed in the app. I have had to manually skip several schedules now. Today’s rain storm dropped .2" and should have skipped. What should I do?


We are working with WU (IBM) on a resolution. They said early this week a fix would be in place. Will let you know as soon as their location service is returning missing stations.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! Should the WI+ also assist with rain delays? Other stations in my area around 1 mile away reported the same precip amounts and not skipping.

I’d pick as close as station possible that looks reliable. If you have WI enabled on schedules it will use that PWS data.


I tried that and it still didn’t skip.

You are using a schedule type, flexible daily, that does not use traditional skip technology. It tracks soil moisture in your zones. If you want something more traditional I might try a flex monthly schedule that will adjust predictably across months, but also skip due to rain etc.

Flex daily will ultimately be the most efficient but might take some time to dial in and get used to how it works.

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