Wi-Fi Pre-Purchase Question

I have an Orbi Wi-Fi system by NetGear. It has both 5.0 and 2.4 gHz networks that have the same name. Will the Rachio 3 system have any issues if both the 5.0 and 2.4 networks have the same name?

I ask because based on Amazon comments the Rain Bird Wi-Fi model apparently has such issues.

I have two Gen1 Rachio’s set up with my Orbi system. The Gen1’s only had 2.4gHz band, and I was worried the same SSID was going to cause a problem, but they connected just fine. I have new Gen3’s I need to install this weekend and I can report back if there are any issues…

The early versions of Raind Bird also were only 2.4gHz. There is a comment by someone who purchased the Rain Bird STO-8.2 which does work with either 2.4 or 5.0 – that comment says the system will NOT work unless these two networks have different names (aka SSIDs) - which would force all my Apple products to a single network - not going to happen.

I know early comments with Rachio Gen1’s were similar in regards to separate SSID’s, but my Gen1’s had no issue with Orbi…I don’t expect to have any issues at all with the Gen3’s. Seems maybe Orbi has the single SSID figured out more so than Airport and others.