Wi-Fi Password?

After I installed my new Rachio 3 a few weeks ago, I didn’t remember entering the Wi-Fi password. I assumed in the heat of setting it up I didn’t remember that unimportant fact. Yesterday I changed my Wi-FI password, and because of my missing memory of password entry, I tried a quick run on my system AND IT WORKED! How is it possible for Rachio to access a secure Wi-FI??? FWIW I’m using an old Linksys Velop Mesh system.

In theory if you changed the WiFi password on the WiFi transmitter Rachio should not have connected. I have sometime had a senior moment where I forgot that the router has a password, and the WiFi has a separate password. Could it be you changed the router sign-in password and not the WiFi password? Or else when you clicked “save” it didn’t work for some reason?

Legitimate question, but I have quite a few leak detectors that were complaining because the PW changed…

Did you change the password on only one of the bands?

Nope, Velop lets you keep the PWs the same for both bands, and will put you on whichever is best.

Maybe your neighbor had an insecure WiFi, and you connected to that? Or you have a passwordless guest network?

Interesting thought, although the few times I see neighbors SSIDs they are protected… and my guest network has a PW as well. It is a puzzlement, to coin phrase.