WI-FI Connection & Set Up Issues

Hi there!

I connected my Rachio today and when I got to the WiFI set up screen on my iPhone 6+ with iOs9 installed on it (beta) it simply would not find the WiFI network. Just thought you should know this may be an issue for when iOS9 is released unless it’s fixed before the final version.

Beyond that, I tried the set up using an iPhone 5s using iOS8 and it found the wi-fi no problem.

The only thing is, maybe I didn’t see this anywhere in your literature before buying it, but the wifi doesn’t work with WPA which is the common standard now so I had to switch my wi-fi protection off (it wouldn’t let me switch to WEP) in order to use the Rachio!

Just some issues I was wondering if you were going to address in the future??

Looking forward to using it.


That is odd, we support WEP, WPA and WPA 2 Personal security. We do not support networks which use WPA2 Enterprise security.

I would reach out to [support@rachio.com] since they have probably seen every router configuration out there :wink:


I couldn’t get my Rachio to join the 5GHz N network when I first set it up. It would see the SSID, but would never join and the blink-up would fail. As soon as I gave it my 2.4GHz SSID on G it worked just fine. Had full signal strength on the 5GHz network from the iPhone6.

We do not currently support 5GHz :wink:


All 3 of my routers run WPA and I had no problems with connecting the Rachio.

Also, I don’t think the Rachio supports 5GHz networks, only 2.4GHz.

Well that would explain that then. Wonder why it saw the SSID? Oh well. Must be mis-remembering.

I was able to get the Rachio app to work on my iPhone 6+ with iOs9 only after I had set it up on another device (5s with iOS8). So I guess it’s just not possible to set it UP on the IOS9.

@novanlord, correct. The Rachio iOS app does not currently support iOS9.

Seems to be with how wifi networks are called. Same issue with the Harmony remote app which relies on wifi to communicate with the base. The joy of using beta software. Luckily this is only a setup issue.

I also have 5GHz on my new Rachio 2 ? Is there a way around this as mine will not connect either ?

@veroxspence - It might be better to start a new thread rather than bringing a four year old dead thread back to life.

The Rachio Gen 2 only support 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. The newer Gen 3 supports both.

I’d run the RouteThis app and send the key output into Rachio support so they know what type of network you have.

Are there different SSIDs for both WiFi bands? Can you steer the Rachio to the 2.4 GHz frequency using the router’s configuration. Any other configuration information that could be posted (in a new/different thread) might be helpful for a community member to chime in a possible provide a solution.

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