Why so frequent?

Ok what am I missing here. I went back to flex and verified all my numbers and it wants to water almost everyday.

@Modawg2k If I remember right, you’re in Phoenix as well. It’s heating up…

…so I would guess that’s what is causing the frequency to pull in, but I’m with you that yours seems over the top. I’m attaching my setup for comparison. It looks like you lowered your root depth ? I’m not sure if that affects the frequency or not.

Did you alter your crop coefficient to 0.73 ? Mine is at 0.65, which is the default for Warm Season Grass. I think @franz might have commented to that the manual changes of CC aren’t being taken into account yet, but I could be wrong.

Also compare your moisture graphs (w/details on) to mine.

I didn’t chanage anything, but like you said, maybe something is causing that number to act up. I manually changed it to the warm season 0.65.

I dropped it to 6 based off another conversation we were having with others, but maybe I should go back to the original 9".

When I make those changes, my frequency goes back to every 2 to 3 days with our 100+ degrees. Much better

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@Modawg2k. Sweet! The 9" is right in the 8-10" range for a recommendation that I found for Bermuda grass in Arizona. I guess a lot of those using 6" max tend to have harder soil and the roots have trouble going too deep, although it’s hard for me to imagine soil harder than what we have.


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I actually started a mason jar test last night and I’m waiting a couple days for it to settle. Definitely lots of grittiness when handling the soil. I’m sure water gets down far easier then other parts of the country.


@Modawg2k. Let me know what you find !

I’m in clay, I get 6-8. Most of the yards around me are 4. I still run mine at 6 inch though as some spots can’t get to 8.