Why, oh why, is the web browser experience so bad?

I’ve just powered on the Rachio controller as the spring time has arrived, and logging in to the browser-based app, I really don’t get it. Why is it so bad?

on the ‘home’ page, a calendar kind of thing is shown, but, the way the days are shown really do not make any sense at all. it’s not showing the days in any kind of sensible sequence like one would expect. Some days have numbers, some have words, but the numbers aren’t going up from left to right, and they seem to be at least a week in the future. why those are shown is a mystery.

(captured using Firefox browser. Date today is April 4th). Dates are shown very weirdly. Sun, Sat, 4/17, 4/16, Fri, Today, 4/15, 4/14, 4/13, 4/12. I don’t get it. ‘today’ is not in any kind of positional sequence among the other dates, and, the numbering is going down as one moves to the right. makes no sense.

so, next, I try to add a schedule.

I make a 1 of 3 choice regarding the ‘type’ of schedule I want to create, and click the ‘next’ button.

instead of seeing something useful, all I see is a completely blank web page.

it sits there for a loooooong time, and still nothing at all is happening.

what good is a smart watering controller that you are unable to use to set up a new schedule???

it just doesn’t make any sense at all.

how can such a tech-focussed company and product set have such a poor showing with the controller app in the web browser???

I’m using the latest version of Chrome.

Ok. I’ll try Firefox.

oh crap. it’s doing exactly the same behavior !!!

why, why, why is this such a bad, bad, bad experience???

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