Why not WiFi "Retry"?

I have two Rachio Gen 2s that have been in service for years. One was offline today, flashing light #2 and I fixed it by cycling power to the Rachio (the router was not touched)

It is very inconvenient to physically access the Rachio at this location, so here is a suggestion:

Your firmware could/should recognize that it is “stuck” and, after some period of time (30 minutes? 1 hour), reboot itself and try again. Seems like no harm could come from this and there are plenty of cases where this would rectify a connection problem.

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Interesting idea. I don’t know enough about hardware to know…is this something that is possible? Have you seen it used in other products? I can’t think of any IoT devices I have that have something like this implemented…

I think it extremely likely that any firmware could reboot itself if desired. Now, if the problem is that the WiFi hardware is in a funky state, that might require power to actually be removed to fix, and my suggestion will not help.

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