Why isn't my schedule running 4x per day?

I have a Rachio Gen2, and am trying to water my new seeds 4x per day. I set up a Fixed schedule to run at an Interval of every 6 hours, all 6 zones, start after 7:59am, so I assume 7:59am or 8am for the first run.

It’s currently 8:35am and nothing is running. If I look at the History, the most recent watering was a manual Quick Run I did yesterday morning.

If I look at the planned watering, it shows a plan for 6 hours from now, and 6 hours after that. But it did not run at 1:59AM or 7:59AM as it should have.

What am I doing wrong? I looked through existing topics and didn’t find a solution. I’m sure this must be covered elsewhere. I did find this post in which someone stated " As you know, with the Gen2 software there was a limitation of once-per-day watering"… is that true? I didn’t know that.