Why is the WiFi Connection a 1 time deal?

I’ve noticed that during a power loss, the Rachio device is up and running several minutes before all my network connections are ready, resulting in the device staying in a “wifi disconnected” state. Pretty sure my wifi is back up and running (I’ve been using it for days) yet the connection to Rachio doesn’t reconnect. Since the engineers didn’t provide a simple on/off switch on the device, and the device doesn’t seem to want to re-initiate looking for wifi, I have to go throw breakers to reboot the system so I can connect and utilize the system.

Food for thought there when designing the next version with some improvements.

Maybe instead of throwing breakers, can you unplug the Rachio (either from the outlet or the connector) and plug it back in? Might be easier than finding the breaker. Seems like the real fix would be to keep retrying the Wi-Fi if that is the actual issue.

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I have to do this constantly lately. I’m tired of power cycling the rachio all the time. All other wifi devices work fine. This is kind of the last straw on this device. I’m likely to migrate away since I use a bunch of other controllers already that are set and forget.

The point being that the engineers should of programmed the device to automatically try to reconnect when it has lost the connection. Seems like a fairly common consideration since homes lose power all the time for various reasons.

As I mentioned, that would be the real fix if that is the actual issue, something the Rachio folks would have to take a look at. I was trying to suggest a way that might be easier than breakers unless you already were doing that.

I’ve had Gen 1, 2, and 3 controllers installed for almost 6 years now. I’ve never had any of mine NOT come back online after a complete power outage, power cycling of my network gear or Rachio independently, nothing. I’d almost tend to look more at something in the network as a root of the problem.

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I should have thought of that too. My Gen 3 has been running for about 2-1/2 years (seems like it is more than that, so maybe I got something wrong) and it has always connected after complete power outages. We seem to get more outages than other place that I have lived. I have also rebooted the wireless router and/or other parts of the network without issues.

Guys…I hear you. It could be that the network systems upstream of me aren’t powered up, I don’t know. Does it happen every time? No.
Does it happen? Yes.
What is the fix? Recycle power to the unit and it fires back up.

That lends me to believe that there is probably a lag between when the Rachio 3 is trying to connect to Rachio servers and when the connection from my home to the Rachio servers are reachable.

I didn’t write the code here, but I suspect the device attempts to connect a few times and if it can’t just gives up. I don’t run out and look at this immediately after power cycles…it’s usually a day or so before I remember…and I can recycle power and everything comes back up. Is it the end of the world? No, but it’s a PITA that can be resolved with simple programming, especially considering the device is hard wired in and not burning battery life like your phone does when it can’t connect to wireless.

OK, well here is another scenario. I’ve had my internet down for long periods of time while we’ve had some renovations done at our house (electricians cut power to my network gear) in the past few months. Even with no internet/wifi for up to 6 hours, once my network equipment comes back online, Rachio is right there, no manual reboot required. Rachio power was never cut, so it just stayed online (and actually continued to run schedules). And, I currently have a Gen1 and a Gen3 installed at my house.

I’m not saying that there couldn’t be some weird issue with your controller, but being that this isn’t an issue with EVERY unit out there, I’d be looking at internal network settings first.

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I think it is somewhat important to create a dedicated 2.4ghz SSID on 802.11b/g for all of the IOT / Smart devices stuff.

These days,no user devices need 2.4ghz and should all only need and use 5ghz

I basically agree with the original poster.

If Rachio loses its online connection, I think it tries a number of times to reconnect within a short time frame, then gives up.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if after failing to connect, it would continue to try once or twice a day, either indefinitely or for a period of a week or so?