Why is schedule planned to water after rain?


@franz - Same question but different situation. We had 5 inches of rain on Sunday and the ground is still soaked. Monday and today was clear and their is light rain scheduled everyday for the rest of the week. For some reason a skip hasn’t been scheduled for early this morning. Could you please look into and advise why this might be happening? Thank you.

Rachio3 watered after heavy rain


Our climate skip weather intelligence should have picked that up. We look back to the last time you watered and the next time you will water and determine if the soil is saturated. I do see some missing weather data that we should have. I’m going to have the engineering team review this. For now I’d issue a manual skip just to be safe. 5 inches of precipitation is enough to last for at least a few days! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ll let you know what we find.




We did find a defect in climate skip, pushing out a fix tonight.

For more information on how climate skip is supposed to work this FAQ should help.





The code fix is out. We ran a simulation on your schedule and ironically it still wouldn’t have skipped. We cap zones at 110% saturation so most of your 5 inches of precipitation would be runoff and we determined by Friday you would have been slightly depleted. There are situations where you are super saturated which we can’t detect. This feels like one of those cases. Anyways, this fix will help a lot of other folks save even more water and money.

Have a great week.



@franz - I had another issue this weekend where the controller didn’t skip when rain was predicted for the next two days, As such, it ran Sunday morning and we had a bunch of rain that day. Thankfully the controller skipped for Monday morning but my old rain sensor would’ve stopped it anyway. While I love my Rachio, I must admit to being a little disappointed that I have to watch over it as much as I do. I was hoping more for a “set it and forget it” device though I understand that you can’t control the data you receive. I would appreciate you looking in to my situation and letting me know what happened. Thank you.



Had the engineering team do a quick audit. We predicted .02 inches at midnight yesterday. Looks like you didn’t start getting any real precipitation until about 10PM. Just a matter of the forecast not catching this late night event. It probably thought the majority would be today, which we only go out on the forecast to the day the schedule is running. I really don’t think we could have done any better. Your schedule ran about 18 hours before any precipitation fell.

It does look like the forecast for today was much higher (.18 inches). Looks like it did rain through the morning.

Hope this helps!


With better data we did skip today.


Thanks @franz. I very much appreciate the detailed response. I get that nothing is perfect and you can only work with the data received. I hope I haven’t set the bar too high for your product.