Why is Rachio watering so long?

For 300 bucks it’s crap.

Why is it watering 29 square metres with 4 fixed heads for 58 minutes? My backyard will be a lake.

I thought this thing was intelligent? Seems to be way over watering.

Any advice on schedules.

How long and how often did you water this zone previously? What kind of schedule are you using? What are the standard and Advanced options for the zone?

Well, it’s not a human being, so it’s only as good as the information fed into it. This is a community forum where you can get advice and help from other Rachio users just like you. We are here and volunteering because we generally like Rachio and think it provides good value. So being less brass will generally be more productive.

To be more helpful, we need more information. Please post 1) snapshots of your zone configuration (if you have multiple, just pick one), including advanced settings if you changed anything; 2) zone moisture charts AND tables.

I am not being brass. It’s my opinion based on how it’s was advertised versus my experience.

It was typically 5 minutes 4 times a week. Total of 20 min. It used to be 15 min when I bought the house and the backyard was a swamp after,

Figured it out.

Rachio default had my roots at 25cm or 9 inches… ummm that’s too long my roots are 2-2.5 inches. That shortened the times up