Why is Rachio running off schedule

We just got the Rachio system. We are having a difficult time setting a schedule. We set the schedule no problem but then it won’t run when it’s supposed too. I just went out today at 5 pm and it’s running. There is no schedule for it! We are in strict watering stages and will be fined $200 if it runs off schedule. What are we doing wrong?

A screenshot of your schedule(s) settings might be helpful.

I presume all of your zones are drip? I see that the schedule should start after 00:15 and can run for 18h 52m which would put the end time at 19:07. The actual start time was 05:45 and ran for 12 h 13m, so should have finished 19:58. As long as I did the math in my head correctly, those are not that far off. What are your restrictions, Thursday only? Is the “back spigot” going to a hose with a hose-end sprinkler on it?

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I’m with @Thomas_Lerman. You mention that you can only run on Thursdays (or at least that what your schedule says), and you have almost 19 hours worth of zones to run. It’s pretty evident that seeing something running at 5pm would be normal…