Why is my useage data zero?

Hi I’m having a problem with usage data – Since June 2021, the rachio mobile app has recorded my usage data as 0 gallons. It then gives me how many gallons I saved – which is totally wrong.

I have two schedules which are an every other day static schedule and a daily static schedule that just hits one soaker hose zone.

Looking at the calendar for 2021, it seems like only one schedule has been skipped thus far. Why is my usage rate zero? Did I not configure something appropriately?

The gallons used/saved is not all that helpful in my opinion. It is calculated by the zone PR (inches per hour) multiplied by the area set up in the zone. Unless you have your area and PR dialed in, this number really doesn’t mean a whole lot. For grass, area can be calculated pretty easily, but if you have any drip, that calculation is almost impossible to figure out. I have mine set to show time, not gallons.