Why is my Rachio Cutting Watering on the Hottest Week of the Year?

We love the devices, but for something that is supposed to be so smart, I fail to understand why our device applied a seasonal shift to lower watering levels this week. Yes, during August our days do get shorter, but the device is also connected to a local weather station so it has to also know that this is an incredibly hot summer here in the bay area, and this week is some of the hottest days yet. Why isn’t the device smart enough to shift to slightly less water when it sees a cooler, more normal weather pattern? Our plants are not doing well, and we are going to have to use a manual schedule to get them more water. Makes no sense to me why the device doesn’t take short term weather into account to increase or decrease watering…

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I’d suggest using Flex Daily if you’re currently using Flex Monthly. Flex Daily does take short term weather into account. If already using Flex Daily, you could try increasing your crop coefficient to water more frequently in the dry zones. Hope this helps.

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Same here. I’m using Fixed Interval and my schedules reported a seasonal shift in the form of a watering time decrease on some zones.

I thought it was odd.

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Hey guys-

Seasonal shift bases it’s adjustment off of 30 year averages from your zip codes, and uses that to decide what % to adjust your schedule by. Have you ensured you have the correct zip in the Device Settings?