Why is my garden getting watered two days in a row?

My garden was watered this morning at 9:00 am for 45 minutes. My calendar shows that it is scheduled to be watered again tomorrow. This doesn’t seem correct given the soil moisture is now 95% after this morning’s irrigation. Any ideas why this is happening?


The Rachio must be expecting today’s evapotranspiration to remove most of the water. If you find that the soil is quite damp by the end of the day you should consider reducing the crop coefficient in advanced zone settings by 10% and see how things go.

More info here:

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Thanks for the reply. It’s really strange. The next 14 days forecast in the app show no rain and similar highs/lows. In the 14 days, the garden isn’t scheduled to water on consecutive days.

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As Kubisuro mentioned the system might be seeing the moisture depleted over the next 24 hours. You can see if this is the case by tapping on “moisture” to view the moisture graph. Feel free to take a screenshot and post here for review.


You are on flex daily right? And after the first day did it actually water the second day?

I canceled the next day run so I don’t know. Next time I see this, I’ll let it remain and see if the schedule gets updated overnight.