Why Doesn't My Rachio Show Gallons Saved

So, something I’ve noticed is that my Rachio will show how many gallons of water it’s using, but it doesn’t ever show anything for Gallons Saved. Why is this?

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Hey Buddy!

We determine “Water Saved” by adding up any runs that are skipped due to Weather Intelligence features (ie Rain Skip, Freeze Skip, Climate Skip). Since Flex scheduling doesn’t necessarily skip (I would call it more of a push), this feature is not available on Flex schedules.

P.S You can always use the “Search” feature as we’ve had this come up a few times before :wink: Our team is working on ways to improve this reporting in the future.

Glad to see this, as I had the same question. The answer is interesting: my flexible schedule, by definition, irrigates as needed, so there’s no “default schedule” that’s being overridden to save water. Makes sense. Thanks!

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