Why different durations for identical zones?

Hi! I. have a Gen 2. I have set up a flex monthly schedule for a few of my zones that are defined exactly the same way with rotor heads, warm season grass, etc and all other defaults. When Rachio calculate my zone run times, each is different for some reason and I’m wondering why. One of the zones is 19 minutes, one is 7 minutes, and one is 9 minutes. I haven’t done any of the advanced stuff as far as slope or measuring my zones. Any. thoughts?



A quick look at your advanced settings and I believe its largely due to the different nozzle sizes which will really impact duration of watering. Hope this helps.


Screenshot from 2018-04-28 17-51-21


Thank you. That information is very helpful to me. My next question would be why are the defaults different for these zones? How would I know what they should be set to? I would have assumed the defaults for all of them would be the same.

The defaults will be the same when the controller is added to your account. Without doing more research I believe different nozzle types were chosen for these zones through the app.


Makes sense… thanks again franz!

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