Why did the Rachio water today when there is a 60% chance of rain?

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I guess I’m confused on the expected behavior of the Rachio. We have been expecting rain today for the last few days. My watering schedule happened to fall on today as well. I was curious on how the rachio would handle the 60% forecast and if it would water or not. I woke up this morning to see the lawn being watered per the schedule. Did I need to put the system to sleep until the day ended to see how much rain we received? What should have been the correct process to follow to make sure water was not wasted?

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@mesoneer Good questions, I’ll try to explain how the system works now and how it will work in the future.

Here is an explanation of how weather intelligence currently works:

For our 2.0 May release we will be notifying you much more in advance (12 hours?) and the notifications will make it very simple to either skip the next scheduled run (if we predicted it shouldn’t be skipped), or if we are going to skip the schedule and you don’t want it skipped, you can allow the schedule to run at it’s usual time.

Does this help? If you have any more detailed questions regarding why the schedule did not get skipped please email support@rachio.com and they can do a quick review for you.

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I have a follow up question. It actually rained yesterday and my sprinklers went off this morning. Based on the link you provided, my expectations would be the system would have skipped this watering schedule.

I have weather intelligence setup.

@trojanshawn Can you send an email to support@rachio.com? They can check your account and make sure the correct settings are in place and which weather station is being used.