Why are things broken?

Why are the watering dates not consistent on the different screens? Why doesn’t this controller water when it is scheduled but there is no internet. Why do I keep changing settings so it will water more and it finds a way not to water?

I’m thinking I need to go back to a fixed schedule and just manually adjust it monthly based on the weather because this timer absolutely refuses to water enough no matter what I do. That latest suggestion was to lower the root depth. So now it Waters more often but less time. Same amount of total water and everything suffers. Already messed with crop coefficients and all the other settings.

The watering dates look consistent. The system ran this morning and is projected to run again 10/9.

It looks like you manually irrigated that zone today. I am seeing a forecast of .26 inches of precipitation for tomorrow according to your graph.

What frequency are you looking for? Can’t tell if that zone is grass or flowers? If flowers I’d maybe choose the Annuals crop type. The graph looks to be watering every 4-6 days. The weather will impact watering frequency. If you have mixed crop types in a zone it’s hard to dial those in. I’d pick the crop with the lowest root depth.

My main recommendation is to start flex daily schedules with one (two at most) zones, see how it behaves with your settings, and then add more zones in as you see fit.

Here to help. Let us know if you have any further questions.


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