Why are my sprinklers not coming on?

I installed my Rachio. Everything went smoothly but when I run the schedule, the sprinklers are not coming on. Even though the status light is blue and my phone app says it is watering. What am I missing?


I’m no pro, so I could be wrong, but I think I remember being told that each common wire should be in its own C plug. Maybe try moving one of them over to the C on the right side next to R1 and R2.

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Thanks… Does it matter, which one is on left vs. right?

I don’t think it does. I have the 2nd Gen and have one of mine on the right side where i also have nothing else plugged in. But one of the Rachio guys will likely chime in here - and they’ll know better than I do.

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With a meter there are zero ohms between my two C terminals, so my conclusion would be they are electrically the same.

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@aksalver: Lucas here with Rachio. Glad to hear the install went smoothly, though it sounds like you’re not getting water when trying to run?

Blue status light, you say? That’s a good sign. Do you know if your system had a Master Valve? From the pictures you provided (thanks for those!), it would appear you do. One thing you might be missing is a toggle on the app. You’ll want to make sure your Master Valve is enabled in the App. (under Device Settings >> Advanced >> Master Valve/Pump)

Your wiring appears sound, but I do have a few recommendations. (below)

As others have noted, we do recommend one wire per ‘C’ slot . It shouldn’t matter which goes where, though swapping them is always an option if you continue to experience difficulty.
(Often we see just one common unless there are sensors at play, but it really depends on your setup.)

Lastly, I notice a few wires that have the same (or similar) colors. I’m assuming you were careful in keeping these separate, but ensuring the ‘P’ (black) wire wasn’t mixed up with one of the grey zone wires would be a final step if none of the above works.
(also, the blue Zone 4 is similar to what I assume was a power wire – far left, 24VAC? If that were crossed, though - you’d likely be losing power or seeing much stranger behavior)

I hope that helps you get things up & running! Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedback.


I made sure all colors were marked and put in place. I might have missed blue color in original one as you pointed out. Where do you think it will go ?

Also on my app, master valve was off I turned it on. I will test when I when I get off work.


@aksalver, did enabling the Master Valve in the app do the trick?

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Enabling master value did help. Also, I made sure all the wires are tucked in correctly. I moved white wires to C on both sides.

Also the far left blue wire on my old system was from power source.

Thanks all for your help me in getting the system up and running. Tested it successfully yesterday and it watered on schedule today.