Why am I scheduled to water when rain is forecast?

Hi everyone, I just set up my Rachio 3 yesterday and it is working great so far. I am using the Flex Monthly schedule. I looked at the upcoming watering days and on several occasions, it’s scheduled to water the lawn when rain is forecast:

This doesn’t seem right. Did I do something wrong? Or am I misunderstanding how the smart scheduling works?


Hey Joe, what does your soil moisture % say on the zone tab?

I don’t see that for my zones. I just see the last run time and next run time.

Even though you see rain in the forecast that doesn’t mean much to the system. We will only skip a fixed or flex monthly schedule if the forecasted precipitation is over the weather intelligence threshold that you have set.

We check 12 and 1 hours before the schedule is supposed to run to determine if it will be skipped.

Soil moisture is only available for zones that are in flex daily schedules.


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Is a flex daily schedule better? Should I use that instead?

Here is a breakdown of Rachio schedule types

If you do want to try out flex daily, I would only put one or two zones to start and see how they perform. If you are happy with the results (understanding you might have to make minor tweaks to each zone), I would roll flex daily out to your other zones.


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