Who can explain drip line GPH?

I have some Micro-line 1/4" drip line, 6" spacing from Dig. It says 0.52GPH at 15PSI on the label. What does that mean? How many GPH does it emit per yard or meter?

quarter-inch-landscape-dripline-performance-charts.pdf (89.2 KB)
On the attached, most likely your flow will be closer to 0.8 gph at 30 psi (drip valve pressure, check pressure settings on drip valve). You will enter (0.8 divided by 60) = 0.013 GPM for your flow rate for the zone. This type of drip line is for vegetable gardens, see attached.

Thanks that’s helpful!

What length of tube is assumed for the flow vs pressure graph? Or is everything in units of gph per emitter?

quarter-inch-landscape-dripline-performance-charts.pdf (89.2 KB)
Note: friction loss in the tubing will deplete the pressure as the length exceeds 19’ for 6" emitter spacing or 33’ for 12" emitter spacing, check which spacing that is on your tubing, see above link. In other words each length of tubing can’t exceed the noted lengths above from your solenoid valve and pressure regulating filter or main 3/4" header line: https://www.rainbird.com/products/pressure-regulating-filter-rby

The number to enter in the controller program:
Zone setting --edit— Advanced settings --nozzle inches per hour is worked out with this formula:

231*0.8gph divided by 6" (emitter spacing on pipe) * 12" (distance between drip lines)=2.567 in/hr