Which Weather station?

I have options when it comes to which weather station i choose. KHSV is 3.4 miles away and then I have a few PWS about the same to my west MID_D0255, MID_D0517, etc.

In a purely optimization sense, which station should I use? Does one use more sensor data that the Rachio will use vs the other?

Any sensors that I could consider getting (soil sensor), to better optimize everything?

If the national station is as close as the PWS, and reports precipitation data, I’d probably just use that.

This explains how you can lookup more information on the stations near you.

Future? :wink:


Definitely! Always got to be forward thinking!

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There is a good argument for using the closest station as long as it is serving up accurate data.

Check the data of a station using http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/cgi-bin/wxsite.pl?site= so for D0517 here is the quality data. http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/search?site=D0517&Get+information=Get+information

You can also compare a station with other stations so again for D0517 here is the results http://weather.gladstonefamily.net/cgi-bin/wxqual.pl?site=D0517

If the station is not getting a good MADIS rating, i’d avoid it. On the other hand if it is closer and has high ratings, I’d be okay with it.

I use my PWS for my data–it’s close and accurate and the nearest commercial station is over 10 miles away with often much different weather.

Looking at the cocorahs.org data for Madison county for April 1 shows a wide variation in precipitation for that day making the case for closer is better.

Good luck.


Very helpful, thanks!


Which would you suggest between D0517 and KHSV? KHSV is 3.4 miles away D0517 is 3.71 miles away but D0517 shows a check and two thumbs up on dew point, where KHSV shows X and 2 thumbs up for dew point. All else is equal it appears…