Which Weather Station


The app seems to have chosen the closest weather station to my home which is about a mile away. However, there are two gold star stations a little farther away 1.25 and 1.5 miles from my home that appear to use better equipment. So, do I choose closer and less or farther and better?


Can you post examples of what gold star stations are? As long as the station is accurately recording precipitation the closer the better IMHO.



@franz - Weather Underground defines a gold star weather station as one with “high quality equipment” and has passed their quality control process for 5 consecutive days. That being said, I now noticed that I’ve been switched to weather network. Is that preferable to a single weather station ?


If the gold star is not too far away I’d probably go with that one since the reliability is checked.

IMHO if you know of an accurate, always available station, the closest single station is the way to go. Interpolation will never be as accurate. We have built self-healing station checks for the weather network but there could be a day or so lag on those.



@franz - Apologies but I’m confused. Are you saying that instead of using the Weather Network (which is recommended in the app), we should use a reliable local weather station? Does that obviate the need for the Weather Intelligence Plus or is that different?


For most customers the weather network through WI Plus is the best choice since we continually monitor stations health and there is no need to for you to do additional work. I’ll document how this works when I have time.

If you have your own PWS, or know of one that is very reliable and very close to your residence and doesn’t have outages, that will always be the better bet since it is as close to the source of truth as you will get. I call it boots on the ground.



@franz - I got it. Thx. Alot to digest. Finding that this is like my Nest thermostat. I can install and let it be or invest time and get more out of it. Like anything there is a learning curve. Thank you for making the info available.


Definitely. I tell everyone if they are going to try flex daily scheduling I’d try one zone first, get it dialed in, and if they like it apply to all zones.