Which weather service for personal weather station

I’m setting up my own Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station in order to use with a Rachio 3. Where should the data be sent? I’ve read that Weather Underground is one and PWS Weather is the other. It is a little confusing because when searching for WU at Rachio.com, some articles say that WU is used for the conglomerated data and others say the Rachio 3 reads personal stations from WU. When searching for personal weather station, you get articles about PWS Weather. I’d like to get data sent to the correct website before I install the Rachio 3. Please advise - when you look at the map on the Rachio App, what website does it get personal weather station info?

OK, based on the number and locations of weather stations close by me in the app, there are a lot more on WU (a dozen or more) than there are on PWS (3 including me). Therefore, I assume WU is used. However, even though my weather station has been on WU for 3 days and has had the gold badge for 2, it isn’t listed in the app. How do I get it in the app? Do I have to contact someone?

New stations take about a week to show up on the Rachio map

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My station showed up in the app today!!!

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