Which watering category to use for an orange grove

Hi. Just installed 2 16 zone controllers for my yard. We moved into this house which has a 20 tree Valencia orange grove. The app does not provide a watering category for fruit trees. Do I just choose ‘tree’?
Thanks so much!

Oof. I’d do some research to learn how to take care of your trees. UC Extension has lots of good info. You will not have good results with the Advanced Zone defaults if you want healthy orange trees. Select Tree (for consistency’s sake), then edit the Advanced Zone defaults:

YMMV but here’s what I had success with my orange trees (including one Valencia) in California:
12” root depth (orange trees get most their water at shallow depth)
75% crop evapotranspiration (oranges are steady throughout the year unlike most trees)z

Then you need to figure out your nozzle in/hr. If you have sprayers, use a catch can test. If you have drip at each tree, follow these instructions:

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