Which transformer should I purchase for UK use?


I am about to purchase a new rachio to be used in the UK? Could anyone suggest a transformer I should use (either hard wired) or to plug into an existing UK outlet to safely use the Rachio here?

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Hello Sunny days

Whatever you do don’t make the stupid mistake i did were I plug in directly and burned out both the board and the transformer.

I have one that is just a normal transformer, see my thread

Europe/ tosted my 110V Charger, Unit in a deep Coma!

I´m just trying to recover the unit from the initial mistakes, and then i will plug it in


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@jolugo. Actually my post was in response to your thread! Has anyone suggested which one to get, or I presume you can use a hard wired transformer specifically for the rachio that I can get my electrician to install.


just got another one from china, I will compare it with existing one and will provide you some feedback


One of the options seems to be a step down transformer paired with Rachio’s original 110v supply.

Amazon has one here (link) that is advertised for 100W continuous use . Since Rachio needs only 30W, it should be a good fit.

Seems like many of the AC transformers are marked with voltage under load, as in: if you run X transformer under full load, voltage will be Y. As such, one thing to look out for is to make sure that transformer is not too overrated above 1Amp or 24VA as not to have a high, no-load voltage.


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Hi, did you manage to figure this out? I’m considering buying a unit from the US for use in the UK. Can you share a link to the transformer you bought?