Which spray head shall I choose

Hi, Rachio community
I have the Rachio 3, I recently set it up (so easy BTW, thanks).
my Vegetable garden and some of my trees have the drip bubblers (like this one). These are 10gallon per hour and some are 35 gallon per hour.
The Spray head “bubbler” that is selectable in Rachio is a different one.. with a much higher flow rate.
I am not sure what type of spray head shall I choose for my case? Shall I chose a mister?

second question:
I have 6 zones, some Vegetable, some trees and some are mix. If I am going with smart schedule, why would I need to create different schedules. Shouldn’t one schedule be enough? I just want to understand the concept of having to create multiple schedule better (in case of someone creating smart schedule).


I can’t get into details but you’d be better off calculating the nozzle inches per hour /precipitation rate of your bubblers based on the bubbler’s wetted area. Use advanced zone settings to set the nozzle inches per hour instead of selecting a spray type. I have similar bubblers and they soak the ground in no time (mine are on a fixed schedule though) and they run 8 minutes every other day for a water loving herb garden. These things love to go out of adjustment too…


thank you

This may be a good starting point to calculate the precipitation rate/nozzle in/hr. That formula is key: