Which soil type should i use for Estrella loam

When i use the web soil survey website it says the type of soil I have is Estrella loam. I am not sure which Rachio setting to use since that is not one of the options. I have been trying clay loam but the grass seems to start dying when i leave it set on that.Thanks for the assistance!

Also found this:

Maricopa County, Arizona, Central Part
Es—Estrella loam
Map Unit Setting

National map unit symbol: 2whx9
Elevation: 800 to 1,600 feet
Mean annual precipitation: 7 to 10 inches
Mean annual air temperature: 70 to 72 degrees F
Frost-free period: 240 to 325 days
Farmland classification: Prime farmland if irrigated

Map Unit Composition

Estrella and similar soils: 90 percent
Minor components: 10 percent

Estimates are based on observations, descriptions, and transects of the mapunit.

Description of Estrella

Landform: Alluvial fans, flood plains
Landform position (two-dimensional): Summit
Landform position (three-dimensional): Tread
Down-slope shape: Convex
Across-slope shape: Convex
Parent material: Mixed fan alluvium and/or mixed stream alluvium

Typical profile

Ap - 0 to 11 inches: loam
C - 11 to 24 inches: loam
2Btkb - 24 to 48 inches: clay loam
2Bkb - 48 to 60 inches: gravelly clay loam

Properties and qualities

Slope: 0 to 1 percent
Depth to restrictive feature: More than 80 inches
Natural drainage class: Well drained
Runoff class: Low
Capacity of the most limiting layer to transmit water (Ksat): Moderately high (0.20 to 0.57 in/hr)
Depth to water table: More than 80 inches
Frequency of flooding: Rare
Frequency of ponding: Rare
Calcium carbonate, maximum in profile: 25 percent
Salinity, maximum in profile: Very slightly saline to slightly saline (2.0 to 4.0 mmhos/cm)
Sodium adsorption ratio, maximum in profile: 13.0
Available water storage in profile: High (about 10.3 inches)

Interpretive groups

Land capability classification (irrigated): 1
Land capability classification (nonirrigated): 7c
Hydrologic Soil Group: C
Ecological site: Limy Fan 7-10" p.z. (R040XB207AZ)
Hydric soil rating: No

Minor Components
Unnamed soils

Percent of map unit: 10 percent
Hydric soil rating: No

Estrella (HA1). Typic Torrifluvents; fine-loamy, mixed (calcareous), hyperthermic (Alluvial).Estrella soils are deep and well drained. Typically, they have a brown loam surface layer 28 cm (11 in) thick. The underlying material to a depth of 60 cm (24 in) is light brown loam. Below this to a depth of 150 cm (60 in) is a buried subsoil which is brown and yellowish red clay loam and gravelly clay loam. Depth to the buried argillic horizon ranges from 50 to 90 cm (20 to 36 in). Estrella soils occur on broad alluvial fans and floodplains with slopes of 1 to 5 percent. These soils have high available water capacity and moderate permeability in the upper 60 cm (24 in) and moderately slow permeability in the lower 90 cm (36 in). They are moderately alkaline and calcareous throughout the profile. Runoff is slow and the hazard of erosion is moderate. The series was established in Maricopa County in 1969.

I would set it as Loam.

Ap - 0 to 11 inches: loam
C - 11 to 24 inches: loam
2Btkb - 24 to 48 inches: clay loam
2Bkb - 48 to 60 inches: gravelly clay loam