Which soil type is this?

Just bought and setup my Rachio 3 from Costco.

Based on above image, which soil type should I select in the app?

Thanks in advance!

I did the jar test: fill a straight sided clear glass jar two-thirds with water, add dirt until nearly full, seal, shake, let settle (possibly over several days, if you have a lot of clay). Then measure the layers of sediment and go find one of the handy charts on line that will tell you what kind of soil you have.

There is also a simpler/faster way where you take some dirt and wet it and see if it forms a ball, etc, and get an idea from that.

I can’t tell from the report you have, since it doesn’t give percentages.

I think the technical description of this soil is Heinz (57). It has some of everything: clay, sand, silt, gravel, sandstone. That’s a tough one to decipher.

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