Which Settings get Precedent?

Is there a list showing which settings are used when flow meters are hooked up to calculate run times? I cannot imagine the nozzle rates, area, and flow meter, and efficiency are all used since they overlap? I changed my area and it seemed to have no impact on run time, so I’m guessing nozzle rates takes priority?

@RPostWVU I don’t believe that area or the data from a flow meter are considered by Rachio when calculating the run time for a zone. According to the Rachio Flex Daily FAQ “…zone run times are determined by soil type (available water capacity), nozzle precipitation rate, managed allowed depletion, and crop type (root zone depth)”.

Interesting. So the flow meter is only informational and maintenance protection? Well that answer gives me someplace to focus.

@RPostWVU Yes I think that is correct.