Where is the STOP ALL ZONEs button?

For my needs, the phone app needs to have a big, red STOP ALL ZONES button in an obvious place, on all of the app pages, if something is running. Too many times I start to run a zone, find a leak and need to close the valves quickly. Often the phone is back in my pocket, so I take it out, unlock it, open the app… and I’m not on a page that shows which zone is on… or given a way to stop it. This has frustrated me over and over. It needs to be MUCH easier to stop everything, without ever having to drill down into the correct page. And when I DO find the little, white, square stop button, it is only after careful study while out in the direct sun. Make it big! Make it red.

In addition, I’d like to have a way to start a zone for just a few seconds. How about about a momentary button where only if I’m holding the button does the valve stay open?

Just go to the zone, hit Quick Run Zone, Run, wait the number of seconds you want, and click the square Stop button.

Thanks. Yeah, I get that. But while running, my attention is on the spewing irrigation issue I’m trying to fix. So having to then refocus on that tiny, white stop button that I can’t find by feel… just isn’t as simple as I’d like. My last system had a dumb RF remote. On the bottom left was a big, red STOP ALL button that could be felt. I miss the dumb remote!

My bottom line here is that I can do everything I want with the app. But I’d like a way to stop everything from anywhere EASILY as a priority for trouble-shooting purposes. My whole desire for having remote control of my system is for trouble-shooting.