Where is a true user manual? Want multiple start times for a zone

I must say that I have seen mousetraps with better documentation than this. Every time I try to do something I have to dig through a round of unrelated community queries. Isn’t there a real user manual or is documentation only available through this crowd-sourcing approach? The 16 page “user manual” basically shows me how to hook up the wires.

This time I’m just trying to have a zone water at two fixed times every day. I see no option for that under schedules. I tried add a schedule and it only shows one zone - which is my disabled one. After lots of digging it appears to have something to do with some “only one per controller” restriction. This seems silly, my old controller had SIX start times for each program. How do I do it on this?

I understand that Rachio is powerful, sophisticated, and can do all kinds of stuff but getting tired of spending so much time online looking for answers to simple questions.

Sounds like you are trying to add a second flex daily type of schedule, alas only one is supported per controller. You can add an unlimited number of fixed daily / weekly schedules in addition to the flex daily you have already setup and missing zones will show up as an option to those.

Thank you Gene.