When will you integrate with Flume water meter?

Any plans to integrate to Flume water meter sensor? I will be asking the same of Flume. I’ve had both systems for over a year and it would be nice to isolate irrigation valves to Flume sensor for better reporting on water usage.

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I’m wondering the same thing. Rachio please hear our calls for Flume integration!

Flume has an “arrangement” with Bhyve. Not likely they’ll be doing same with the competition (Rachio). It’s that same with Rachio/Tempest… I contacted Tempest to see if a Bhyve could grab weather data from a Tempest seamlessly as it does with Rachio. Answer: NO, I’d have to go through an IFTTT to make it work. I’m like huh?

I get to be called a RachioPRO and I install irrigation systems. SMART timers are a BIG part of it and I only mess with four brands on a regular basis. I focus on flow so customers (and I) generally wind up with a way to monitor consumption. Sorted from most to least systems I put in: bhyve/flume - rachio/everydrop - rainbird/everydrop - hydrawise/hydrawise flowmeter

Customers tend to love both the bhyve and Rachio. Rainbird (ESP-ME3) WiFi & app both suck for response time but “deliver water as programmed” precisely. Hydrawise a bit complicated but very useful feature set when used properly.

Flume/bhyve my choice but I get paid to actively manage water use and that system has better tools “for me”.