When to start a flex schedule

I just got the rachio and I’m looking to get started on the flex schedule. However, my grass is in transition now from pretty much dead rye and soon will have Bermuda growth once our temps raise a bit more. Will the flex schedule still work well when the grass is transitioning? I set my zones to warm weather grass.

I’m not sure, I don’t see why not. I’m in the south so Mother Nature takes care of me till mid April. I would suspect that the et is over compensating though as you just don’t have the foliar canopy to transpire as much water via the stomata.

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But your are gonna enjoy the flexies. Even my wife has gotten into the rachio a touch as it is interesting to see how the zones begin to deviate from each other. At first we were both a little concerned letting the robotic overlords manage the water, but we saved money. I only put out headway 1 time last year! Water usage was hard to gauge as we had a good bit of rain last year so I do not have a baseline that is similar. But when comparing the schedule to what my old pro c would have run, We saved around 13-15%

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@plainsane thanks, do you think it’s worth it to let the flex schedule start before I’ve been able to setup certain specifics like custom nozzles, etc?

I would not, if your physical nozzles are bigger than configured, you are going to throw too much water. If the soil is not configured correctly you risk runoff same if the slope is not setup correctly. I’ll assume you overseed your Bermuda so you know what you are doing, in a few of these posts there are links to geological surveys so you can get soil dialed in, I’m pretty sure you already know your accumulation rate, I would just take it slow and dial it up. Flexies are their most impressive during peak heat so there is no rush. I mean personally, if you are in transition you have at least 2 weeks before you really need to start soaking the root canopy.

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@plainsane, that’s awesome to hear! Do you happen to recall the savings you had on Fixed schedules using Weather Intelligence and/or Water Budgeting features? Just curious how much more water you saved using Flex schedules.

@Modawg2k, I wouldn’t rush into Flex schedules unless you have the specifics dialed in. Flex schedules will put your watering schedule on auto-pilot, but without the proper calibration they will be flying blind. Unfortunately, the old adage garage in, garage out is very true for Flex schedules.

I’d setup an establishment schedule while getting your lawn to take again. Are you seeding or laying sod? Each has different watering requirements/recommendations.

I have only had the iro for a single season so I ran on fixed schedules for a month before the beta program started.

@plainsane, ah. Guess I thought you had the controller longer :wink:

March 21st was,my launch date so I guess I ran for 2 months before beta.

I guess what you are trying to say is that it feels like an eternity since I showed up

@plainsane, shoot, we missed your anniversary! First day of Spring, easy to remember.

Last week feels like an eternity ago :wink: