When scheduled ... (New IFTTT Trigger)

I’d like to make a suggestion for a new IFTTT trigger. With the roll out of Flexible Scheduling, it would be great to have an IFTTT trigger that could alert me when a certain zone has been scheduled.

Here’s the scenario … We have some zones that are in and around areas that have patio furniture, hammocks, toys, etc. With fixed scheduling it was pretty easy for me to remember when to go out and put things away. However, with flexible scheduling, it would be great to get a notification reminding me that a zone is scheduled to go off in 24hrs so that I could avoid plopping down into a soggy hammock.

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I know this is an old thread, but I have a similar use case. I’d like to schedule an email/alert to a housemate 12-24hrs before a certain zone (on flex scheduling) is going to run. The only real difference from bigbadbasie is I want an alert to go to another person, whom I don’t trust with access to my account, so they can move their car from the driveway. It’s one of those driveways with grass in the middle and the sprinklers can’t water it properly if there’s a car in the way. I understand flex may change it’s mind an hour before but I don’t see it as a big deal if it’s a false alarm and another alert gets sent out the next day.

Alternatively if there was a way, with IFTTT, to get the next run time of a zone (or all if easier), and I could just have an email go out each day with that info. So I don’t care if it’s not the most efficient and they get some extra email. As long as I don’t have to check and don’t have to give them access so they can check. :grinning: