When its already rained

I installed Rachio Gen 2 a couple of weeks back. It sensed rain in the near-future based on precipitation and didn’t start, which was great.
But yesterday, it rained hard about 2 hours BEFORE the sprinkler was supposed to go off. And it still went off. I can’t imagine that Rachio doesn’t have a way to know that it just rained.

Is there a setting I’m missing?

Hey Jahanzeb,

I reviewed your account and it seems that your Rachio determined it would not skip it’s scheduled watering because only 0.04in of rain was reported by your selected weather station, KATT:

I verified this report through the National Weather Services recorded data here, where we can see that in fact only 0.04in was reported.

There are two possibilities here:

  1. The KATT weather station may be reporting incorrect precipitation data. In this case we would submit a ticket for investigation with our weather data provider, Aeris.

  2. The more likely case is that this weather station is too distant from you to be reporting accurate data for your region. I noticed that this weather station is just about 9miles away from you, HOWEVER there are a number of Personal Weather Stations (PWS) that exist much closer, some are even within 0.2miles! I’d suggest enabling your PWS and selecting one of these. You can find detailed instructions for how to do this on our Support Article here.

Give it a shot and see if you notice any improvement. Hope this helps!

Mitchell, this is great feedback. Thanks!

Looks like even though it had rained, there wasn’t enough of it for the unit to turn off the watering completely.
It begs the question, does Rachio decrease the number of gallons when it has rained?


Hey @jahanzebkhan67-

We do not currently offer a schedule that adjust duration based on precipitation. However we do offer or Flex Schedule that adjusts frequency based on weather. Have you ever looked into flex scheduling?