When I turn power on sprinklers zone 3 won't shutoff Racchio Gen3

I’m new to the Rachio community. Last year I got Rachio Gen3 irrigation system installed with 5 zones. My installer came and de-winterized my system for the winter (New England). Now that it is April and spring is here I decided to turn on my sprinkler for the first spring irrigation. When I turned the power on Zone 3 turned on automatically and wouldn’t shut off. I tried to test my zones manually by doing a quick run the zones were out of sync. Zone 1 didn’t turn on until 30 sec before the dry run was over, one of the zones only a few sprinklers came on, all while zone 3 was ON. So now my zones are out of wack, I tried contacting my installer but he has not returned any of my calls or emails :frowning: . So I’m afraid I’m a have to DIY but I am not familiar with the main valve or how to troubleshoot irrigation systems. Here I am posting in the community for help? Posted pics below of my main valve which is dug in the ground near my water well. I’ve looked up troubleshooting steps but it seems like I have to mess with these wires and I feel like I will make things worse. Any help will be greatly appreciated and if you need additional info or pics let me know. Thanks

Most likely diaphragm in the valve has failed, which is common after a long winter slumber. I buy a new Hunter PGV-1 valve and replace the guts, top, solenoid, since I have it…and just throw away the body. It is a simple 4 screws, and you’ll see the diaphragm, and under that will be a white plastic piece. Replace it all with the new parts. Solenoid is optional if yours looks like it is in good shape. They are simple to replace as well, just two wires (doesn’t matter orientation). I’d recommend picking up some new waterproof wire nuts while you are grabbing the valve at your home store. Looks like you have standard electrical wire nuts which could allow for a short in the system if they get wet.




Hi, so apparently this was an easy fix. The screws on my main vale (for each zone) was loose. When I had them winterized last fall, they must of never closed them tight. So to fix my issue, I just tightened the screws on the valve for each zone and closed the main port and my sprinklers were working again. Thanks for the Rachio community help. Much appreciated.

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That will do it! Basically, having the top of the valve not fully sealed like this is a similar effect of a failed diaphragm.

Thanks for all the help. Now since my sprinklers are working, I’ll need to familiarize myself with my system for when it comes time to winterize my system next Fall.Any tips on winterization? Much appreciated.

Depends on several factors. For my area that gets snow, I shut off the main valve, I originally put in an overabundance of king drains, I blow out the pipes with air (when I remember), and put the Rachio in standby.