When does tall fescue break winter dormancy?

I live in on long Island. Around when does tall fescue break its winter dormancy and start growing again? Haven’t been able to find this info around the web. Thanks.

Curious about this too. To make things even more confusing, this (in my area) will be the warmest February ever. Lots of 60s/70s. Average is usually 52.

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@Irwhit, usually fescue will start growing when the soil temperatures are between 50° and 65° degrees F – these soil temperatures usually occur when the daytime air temperatures are between 60° and 75° degrees.

Since daytime air temperatures are related to seasonal treads, using phenology trends and averages, Long Islands usually experiences it’s first leaf date around 4/1 and first bloom around 5/1.

Keep in mind that spring is early this year; roughly 20 days early in some areas!


Hi Emil,
Thank you so much for that information! The maps are helpful. Looks like I won’t have too much longer to wait for my lawn to spring back to life.


@Irwhit We are based in Colorado and went to an irrigation class last week and the ground wasn’t even frozen :scream:. We were able to get a soil sample and look at root zone and everything!


Fieldtrips are the best. Is that device pretty easy to use and estimate length?


It is, it’s just a plug that you can check root zone depth.